Library of Things 


The results are in!

We're proud to present the first ever snap-shot of how Australia's Libraries of Things and Tool Libraries are working, what they are doing well and what our sector needs to thrive.

Thinking about starting a Library of Things in your area? The report has helpful behind-the-scenes info on everything from library size, membership numbers and borrowing rates to insurance across 15 different libraries.

 What is a Library of Things? 

A Library of Things enables members to borrow all sorts of useful items like gardening tools, catering and party gear, board games and more! 

Often called LoTs for short, these incredible libraries offer members a way to borrow hundreds of items at a very low cost while reducing waste going to landfill.

Some Libraries of Things specialise in particular items, like tool libraries, kitchen libraries, even kite libraries! 

 Why are Libraries of Things important? 

Libraries of Things offer their communities a viable way to share and maintain resources instead of buying - and that's a very good thing if we want to reduce our impact on the planet.

To meet Australia's 2030 climate targets, we need to transition to a truly circular economy as fast as possible. 

By encouraging reuse and borrowing instead of buying, LoTs all over Australia are already making that change possible. 

Together, we have formed The Australian Library of Things Network to ensure our efforts are recognised and supported so we can scale our impact.

Our positive impacts

Libraries of Things around Australia are measuring their impact on reducing waste and changing behaviour every year. 

Check out these amazing reports:

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Australia has almost 30 Libraries of Things spread over 6 states and a territory! Browse the list or use the map to find your local LoT.

Keen to start a Library of Things in your area?

All our members have gone through the process of starting up and have contributed guides and resources to help you get started.

Browse documents from Australian and International LoTs and adapt for your own needs. 

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Interested in reaching thousands of people who share items every week?

The Australian Library of Things Network is seeking sponsors and business partners to support our sector. 

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